“Truly having integrity means to make a honest decision from the revelation that you know. Rather you make a wrong decision or right decision you will end up on a great path, if you hold on to it. For years I lacked it and I had it at times, but I realized that holding on to it brought me to the revelation that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and every word in the Bible lined up with reality. I kept searching and trying different ways to satisfy myself and nothing worked. No healing and no growth happened. Not at all. My fears, obsessions, insecurities and sins got worse and I came to the end of myself through integrity and His word. If I would have lied to myself about my condition I would have not accepted His free gift of salvation ,through His grace. I encourage people to get tired of living a lie and be honest about what’s going on internally and externally. Lastly, don’t laugh at what you don’t understand, strive to understand what it truly means to live. 

Now I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ken Campbell, the owner of KLiTE. I started this brand because I want to meet peoples needs, just like Jesus met mine. Also, I'm a huge fan of track and field and sports in general. I’m also a personal trainer that loves fitness and helping people fight through their goals and aspirations.  I want people to enjoy this brand and spread positivity and encouragement. “